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Over 5 million tax returns filed through e-PIT

Over 5 million tax returns filed through e-PIT

Date10 Apr 2024

According to information provided by the Head of the National Tax Administration (KAS), over 5 million declarations have already been filed using the Your e-PIT service.

Taxpayers settling their PIT for the year 2023, who have utilized the e-PIT service, have already submitted:

  • 4,442,000 PIT-37 declarations,
  • 241,000 PIT-28 declarations,
  • 107,000 PIT-38 declarations,
  • 187,000 PIT-36 declarations,
  • 7,000 PIT-36L declarations,
  • 12,400 PIT-OP statements,
  • 3,700 PIT-DZ declarations.

Your e-PIT service enables users to conveniently and swiftly settle their taxes, minimizing the risk of errors or submission of incorrect data. Users also have access to their tax settlement history and other electronic services offered by the National Tax Administration.

The Your e-PIT service allows taxpayers access to a pre-filled tax return, incorporating data available to the tax administration. Until April 30, 2024, taxpayers have the opportunity to verify, modify, and approve their settlements through this service.

Taxpayers can make changes to the prepared returns, taking into account the deductions and allowances available to them. It is worth noting that the only allowance included in the compilation prepared by the tax authorities is the child allowance, carried over from the previous tax return. All other taxpayer tax preferences must be completed on their own.

If a taxpayer does not submit PIT-37 and PIT-38 returns for the year 2023 by the end of April 2024, the system will automatically accept them after this date. Thanks to this solution, the settlement will be submitted on time, even if the taxpayer takes no action. Entrepreneurs’ PIT returns will not be automatically accepted in the Your e-PIT system, so it will be necessary to complete the data and submit the return on their own.

Despite initial reservations regarding the accuracy of pre-filled documents, entrepreneurs appreciate the benefits of using the Your e-PIT service. One of the most appreciated advantages of the service is the speed of the entire process, including the refund of overpaid taxes. According to the Head of the National Tax Administration, in the case of electronic submission of PIT, tax refunds should be made within 45 days. However, in 2023 year, these overpayments were refunded speedy within 12 days, which represents a significant improvement compared to traditional methods, where the queue time for tax refunds can run up to as much as 3 months.

Benefits of the new e-PIT service include:

  • The possibility of using dedicated tax calculators, facilitating tax-related calculations.
  • Automatic completion of part of the tax data based on information gathered by the National Tax Administration, significantly speeding up the settlement process.
  • Access to current information and advice regarding tax settlements and changes in tax regulations.
  • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of data through security systems used by the National Tax Administration.

The Your e-PIT service is available 24/7 on any device, and access to it is possible only through the website or the e-Tax Office.

To log in to the e-Tax Office, one can use or identify himself using a Trusted Profile, e-ID, mObywatel application, or electronic banking of its’ banking partner. For greater convenience, it is also possible to log into the service using only own tax data.

The final deadline for submitting the tax return for the year 2023 is May 2nd, 2024. This deadline applies to both, i.e. those who settle independently and those who use the Your e-PIT service.

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