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Full Service VAT Compliance

VAT Compliance is a set of regulations and procedures that businesses must follow regarding VAT taxation, especially regarding the sale of products or services online. It includes a comprehensive approach to reporting, accounting and submitting VAT to the relevant tax authorities.

For e-commerce sellers, using VAT Compliance services means correct accounting for VAT on international transactions and compliance with local tax laws in the countries where they operate. This gives you confidence in the accuracy of your accounts and allows you to focus on running your business.

VAT Compliance services include, but are not limited to, collecting, storing and archiving transaction documents, verifying customers' VAT numbers, properly accounting for VAT on purchases and sales, and registering and deregistering for VAT and EU VAT. In addition, the scope of services also includes regular preparation and submission of VAT returns, preparation of documentation for VAT refunds, monitoring of INTRASTAT thresholds in individual countries, and advice on tax optimization.

Who is required to register for VAT?

Those engaged in online sales activities within the European Union must register for VAT in each country in which they sell if:

  • they have a warehouse in the country to ship products to end customers - even if it is a rented warehouse or under models such as Amazon FBA, or
  • their total sales exceed €10,000 in all countries on an annual basis.

VAT Compliance services provided by amavat®

EU VAT registration

A comprehensive service that covers all the necessary procedures related to obtaining a local tax identification number needed for VAT accounting, as well as completing the registration of this number.

amavat® for VAT Compliance offers unchanged fees, regardless of the scale of the business, ensuring continued stability of VAT settlement costs. Customers have access to the support of a Polish-speaking account manager and regular analysis of monthly sales in various countries. In addition, amavat® provides correspondence handling with the Polish tax office and other EU tax authorities, and online access to all tax documents in the client portal, with archiving in accordance with applicable regulations.

VAT registration in:

VAT registration for non-EU companies

amavat® provides a comprehensive service for all procedures related to EU VAT settlements and registration for companies outside the European Union. In situations where there is no fiscal representation, amavat® offers a company incorporation service in Poland.

Once registered in the tax system of a particular EU country, amavat® ensures regular submission of VAT returns in accordance with applicable local regulations. Depending on the country, different deadlines and required documents may apply. All you need to do is send amavat® one aggregate package of transaction data, and they will take care of preparing and sending the required settlement documents in the appropriate languages, communicating in Polish.

As part of the VAT OSS service, amavat® provides comprehensive support, including preparation of the documentation needed for VAT OSS registration, comprehensive VAT settlement in a single return, and supervision of the current status of tax settlements. In addition, clients will be regularly informed about the amount of VAT, receive support in preparing VAT refund claims, and have constant online access to their documents through the Client Portal, with the assistance of qualified specialists with years of experience in international tax settlements.

Once a business has ceased operations in a country or ceased trading, it is advisable to deregister from the VAT system to avoid financial penalties or other tax consequences.

Once registered for VAT purposes, an e-commerce business must comply with all VAT regulations. If you stop trading, you can apply to deregister your VAT number. In some countries, there is no option to suspend the VAT number, so deregistration is necessary.

Some EU countries may require a minimum registration period, so even after ceasing operations, a business may be required to file VAT returns until the period expires. The tax office will not accept a request for VAT deregistration without submitted returns or if any questions or audits have not been resolved.

Justifying VAT registration requires constant attention to avoid the need for re-registration or deregistration.

amavat® offers assistance in determining the appropriate time for VAT deregistration and in filing an application to deregister an e-commerce business from the VAT register, along with advice on the recovery of VAT paid in the country.

Latest VAT Compliance information

The amavat® website provides the latest information on VAT compliance in the e-commerce industry. We encourage you to follow the publications regularly to expand your knowledge of accounting in the e-commerce sector.

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