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Our Country Desks

Our Country Desks

If you are expanding into the Polish market, conducting business can be difficult if Polish is not your first language. Even if you do speak English fluently, differences in culture and accepted business practice, can still lead to delays and unnecessary costs.

getsix® country desks are designed to let you do business in Poland, more easily and with greater confidence. Our bilingual advisers are very experienced – either at partner or managerial level. They will explain complex technical matters clearly in your language so that, no matter how complex the business issue, everyone understands our advice and there is no room for doubt.

What getsix® can provide

Clear, confident communications through our bilingual advisers

getsix® Poland-based bilingual accountants will communicate with you from start to finish in your preferred language. Meetings and conference calls are concluded faster and more easily, and everyone on your team will fully understand the advice and implications of what is being discussed.

Understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences

getsix® advisers have many years’ experience and are aware of both the cultural, and commercial differences affecting trade between your country and Poland. They will advise you on matters such as tax planning and the implications of using different business vehicles.

Instant access to a network of reliable business contacts

Through our country desks, you have instant access to our network of Poland-based business contacts who deal regularly with investors form your country. Our partners and managers can introduce you to reliable contacts such as bankers, solicitors, relocation advisers, distributors and chamber of commerce members.

getsix® Better Business life-cycle

From our experience of working with owner-managed SMEs, we have developed fully rounded business solutions. If you are considering investing into or doing business in Poland, getsix® would be pleased to discuss your plans and help you achieve your objectives.


getsix® is a member of the following organisations:

    • The Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Poland;
    • Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Poland;
    • British Chamber of Commerce in Poland;
    • German Austrian Swiss Outsourcing Association.

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Last modified: May 16, 2019