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e-Service ‘Mobile Extranet’

Your company is always with you

  • Powerful, industry leading synced technology 24/7 for mobility & performance, at the office or on the road
  • Compliments getsix® Customer Extranet to access your Accounting and Payroll data via iPhone & iPad
  • Collaboration with colleagues to solve problems more quickly
  • getsix® delivers the highest level of security, to ensure that sensitive corporate data is encrypted, locked and removable on demand
  • View your latest profit/loss reports, open items, management reports, etc. uploaded to and stored in our Customer Extranet
  • Assurance that nothing is out of date – the most recent materials are always available
Manage Information anywhere, anytime with security

Please Download

Now getsix® Extranet can be operated with your mobile device

Please let us introduce our solution which allows you to get financial and human resources data on your mobile device. It may be especially useful during the business trips and on the business meetings which you probably attend a lot.

Expectations have changed. Business now wants the latest information to make quick and accurate decisions on the move. getsix® understands this and tailors each stakeholders needs and helps to balance them within your company.

Use the getsix®„Mobile Customer Extranet” Solution for Iphone and Ipad, and be everywhere, right now!

A secure, robust and easy-to-use solution for accessing, viewing, editing and syncing your business information on iPhone and iPad.

The getsix® e-Service „Mobile Customer Extranet” service for iPhone and iPad equips employees with greater productivity in the field. Sales and accounting staff are able to get informations quicker, collaborate more easily and be far more responsive to your internal requirements getsix® realises businesses require ways to enhance productivity, to empower ‘your staff and with security’.

Colligo briefcase for good technology integration
End-to-end data encryption between your device and the getsix® data centre, along with password policies enforcement.

Why we decided to offer getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” solution?

getsix® provides for our customers and e-service solution called getsix® ‘CUSTOMER EXTRANET’
If you are our customer using either of our solutions for Finance & Accounting, or/and HR & Payroll, or/and Office Management, we store your relevant monthly data, and/or reports (i.e. Profit & Loss, Management Accounting Reports etc.) on our getsix® Customer Extranet.

Our Customer Extranet solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint technology and can be accessed from any internet connection 24/7 with any internet browser. Our customers have also the possibility to upload files which are not connected to our services, to use our getsix® Customer Extranet as your hosted document management system.

Award-winning mobile Colligo Briefcase applications, solve the SharePoint mobility challenge by providing secure access to your data, via our getsix® Customer Extranet environment on Apple iOS. Colligo Briefcase provides more productivity tools to your iPhone and iPad, with full offline support, advanced metadata support, with industry leading sync and security capabilities.
With this solution you give, for example, your sales people access to the latest ‘PRICE LISTS’ using their Iphone and Ipads.
Colligo Briefcase applications, can be purchased, or downloaded from the Apple App Store on your iPhone and iPad. It is available in two versions: FREE Briefcase Lite for iOS or the Briefcase Pro for iOS. To get connected with the getsix® Customer Extranet server the FREE version can provide this.
The App is available in German, English, French, Italian

getsix® REVIEWS
“This innovative solution has made our sales team far more responsive”

“Our executives are very enthusiastic about the application, now that they have the content they need, whether they are working online or offline”.
Benefits of using getsix® Customer Extranet

  • Easy, secure mobile access to getsix® Customer Extranet content through a secure, encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Simple view your financial or HR data on-the-go
  • FREE App Briefcase Lite to download from the App Store to your device
  • getsix® provides access to monthly reports within a standard contract
  • Quickly find the content you need – edit files, lists and metadata along with Microsoft Office content, even while offline
  • Faster workflows to increase productivity out on the road
  • Content available offline for easy access on the road

How does it work?

Your business intelligence on your Iphone and Ipad

getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” provides you with all your monthly reports prepared and uploaded by our Accounting Department, and/or HR/Payroll Department/s, via your iPhone and iPad. We provide you with standard reports or we can also customise them to your specific requirements.

If you are interested in specific reporting based on the needs of your company, we can offer help and advice.

Being able to easily share files is a double-edged sword. It also potentially invites leakage of sensitive corporate content – often inadvertently. getsix® gives your business the power to restrict what can be shared externally by disabling sharing capabilities to specific users, completely specific to your requirements.

Check getsix® Customer Extranet 24/7

Just open the App and check the latest financial reports for your company, wherever you are.
Simple to use
A clear menu structure guides any stakeholder through, meeting each individual’s requirements.
Easy access to all files

  • From Office documents, to PDFs, to images and emails
  • Customer specific views to increase efficiency by making important data visible at-a-glance

“getsix® had a positive operational impact on our entire document management system”

5 must-haves which getsix® ensures

  • Centralised configuration of user settings by our IT Department
  • Centralised distribution of new document libraries if required for a customised customer solution
  • Control access to Extranet content
  • Flexibility over what and when to sync

How to use?

getsix extranet mobile view
After Installation, you connect to the getsix® Customer Extranet with just a few clicks
What you can do with your reports

  • Sync automatically or manually ensuring up-to-date content
  • View getsix® Customer Extranet content without browser, preview files to find the right document, fast
  • Edit files, lists and metadata, even when offline
  • PDF mark up and save to SharePoint, effortlessly
  • Upload new content
  • Share Files easily using links, e-mail as attachment, print etc
  • Find content fast using powerful search capabilities

Making mobile users more productive
What does getsix® need to consider in a „Mobile Customer Extranet” client to ensure that your business users are more productive?
Business user scenario
A sales representative, who spends the majority of their time on the road, travelling between numerous short appointments visiting potential/existing clients.
No need to have a laptop
You want to show sales presentation, check spec sheets and access your price list. Now the whole sales team has been issued with iPhone and iPad, so they are free to travel light. Clients and prospects seem to respond well to materials presented on these devices.
Sensitive Corporate Content on Sharepoint
For example – business intelligence, electronic document management, vendor invoice scanning, monthly reports, balance sheets, sales and marketing materials are already stored via getsix® Customer Extranet. Much of this material is highly sensitive information and must be secured against leakage to competitors’. With new information constantly being published, data entry can be linked to backend workfl ow, saving time! It is crucial that everyone has the latest supporting data. Pricing and promotions change frequently, so sales staff need to have latest details.
A typical day

  • Numerous appointments with specialists and consultants throughout the day and very little time in between
  • Meetings are short and consultants are quick studies, constantly interrupting with pertinent questions and requests for data
  • Responses need to be immediate. There’s no tolerance for “I’ll get back to you on that.”
  • Research data is changing daily. Reps need the latest data to back up claims for services or equipment
  • Some visits result in orders or requests for quotes. Reps need to sync whenever with hand-drawn signatures

getsix extranet
Other potential users

  • Accountant – during a meeting you need to quickly look at the latest Income Statement. Using getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” you can do it directly on your iPhone and iPad, without
    leaving the meeting or relaying on others to provide the information.
  • Controller – a colleague in the field requires a monthly cost report for a meeting. Using getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” they can access themselves.
  • Employee/HR Dept. – a current list of sensitive personnel and all related costs are required. They can take advantage of getsix® reporting via iPhone and iPad.
  • Employee/Site Manager – a problem has arisen out in the field, which requires your urgent attention. You have uploaded photos using getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” to the getsix® Customer Extranet portal via your iPhone or iPad, alerts then are sent to relevant colleagues, to enable fast and precise conclusion for the client.
  • Manager – normally you would print out getsix® monthly statements to take it to a meeting, or check on your laptop. You can now use getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” to your iPhone and iPad, thus eliminating paper based forms and more simple.

How to get?

Colliago briefcase app can be downloaded from ‘APP STORE’, with lite version free.
Detailed information can be obtained from the application developers:


Proceed similarly for iPhone and iPad.

  • Open our page or scan barcode
  • Download App
  • Install App on your device

After installation log-on to getsix® Customer Extranet and find pre-defi ned standard reports ready to use.

If you are not yet our customer, then please try our test version Username:

Username: guest_en
Password: guest_en

How to make it work?

Please contact us so we can provide for you customise offer for getsix® „Mobile Customer Extranet” Services:

You will be given detailed information about how to connect, with simple installation instructions. The whole process should be no longer than 5 minutes.


Simply put – ‘Your Company is always with you!’

Last modified: November 16, 2021