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Full Service Finance & Accounting

Many companies are confronted with the need to reduce accounting costs and to comply with the required financial reporting standards. Compounding this problem is the requirement that they must address these requirements, with resource constraints on their capital budget and staffing. These compliance standards have also added complexities to many of the financial processes.

Outsourcing financial processes enable companies to access expertise and technologies that are unavailable to them in-house, due to these resource constraints. The expertise and efficiency of Finance and Accounting Outsourced (FAO) service providers reduces costs. In addition, the technology platforms used by FAO providers simplify financial processes through automation and establish controls, through the use of predefined business rules. Outsourcing the entire accounting department in an enterprise can be a daunting objective and may be best achieved by many enterprises in steps.

Innovative Service

getsix® accounting services provides innovative service offerings which align with differing needs of enterprises, whether they are: centralised or distributed; large or small; or domestic or international. These services allow for an organisation to take advantage of them in steps that fit their critical needs.

getsix® accounting services for enterprises have been designed to ’fill-the-gaps’ within their existing infrastructure, technology and labour to provide flexibility, to produce cost savings and control improvements. getsix® accounting services span the wide breadth of offering that includes independent steps of processing payables, including processing specialised payables like utility bills and expense account reimbursements, making payments, performing billings, completing G/L coding, providing business intelligence and analytics. Or a company can choose to combine all the steps and outsource an entire accounting department.

Technology Platform

getsix® technology platform has been engineered to be flexible and able to be seamlessly, easily integrated and interfaced with existing customer third party ERP systems, or other business process platforms enabling enterprises to use the best-of-breed technologies and to continue achieve returns on investments in existing technologies. Discrete solutions enable enterprises to outsource selected specific functions, what they want, when they want, or the entire end to end process.

getsix® accounting services can be integrated with on-shore, off-shore, near-shore or a hybrid of labour, that allow enterprises to take advantage of labour arbitrage and the security of processing on-shore. Through getsix® accounting services enterprises can save significant processing costs, increase financial controls, improve working capital and meet respective compliance requirements.

getsix® accounting services for enterprises include the following capabilities:

  • Accounting
  • Tax Processing
  • Reporting
  • Cost and Performance Accounting
  • Integration – ERP Systems, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Document Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customised Solutions

getsix® infrastructure currently processes thousands of transactions annually and is proven to be scalable to accommodate the high transaction volumes associated with enterprises. getsix® uses ISO 9001 for high quality, consistent service and its annual ISO audits provide customers with confidence that their transactions will be processed and maintained accurately, predictably and safely.

Last modified: November 18, 2021