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Our Business Publications

Marketing Materials

It is important to further support our website with marketing material that can be easily downloaded or viewed. This allows clients or potential clients to gain insight into us and how we present ourselves to the outside world.

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Fact Sheets

We understands that the services we offer can be better explained within Fact Sheets. These Fact Sheets allow us to go into more detail, in order for full understanding of the service and to provide you with confidence that we can meet your needs.

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Tax Information – "Invest in Poland"

Every year our accountants and lawyers prepare for you a comprehensive guide the most up to date tax and legal regulations related to doing business in Poland.

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Reports & Case Studies

Clients have many different perspectives on the nature of the value provides. Some quantify the benefits in financial terms, while others focus on the expertise of our people; or the way we connect industry, functional and geographic resources to solve problems; or the quality of our advice and ideas and of course our experience.

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Client Services Teams

Our 'Client Service Teams' provide both a structure and a process for facilitating this alignment of interests. They focus our Group on results-oriented efforts that identify and satisfy our client needs and requirements, enhancing client service, and solidifying client relationships.

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