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Company Formation Poland

Services you could receive from getsix®

Digital signature, which is approved by the Polish Ministry
A Standard ‘Company Contract’ provided by the Polish Ministry from option provided (in a pdf) – NO changes allowed
A contract prepared in Polish only
Company contract tailored to your company requirements
Shareholder/s are not required at the notary deed, as they will give getsix® ‘Power of Attorney’ with apostille if needed
getsix® could deal with the Notary personally
A bi-lingual contract prepared (from Polish, German & English), using a sworn translator
Preparation of the partnership agreement as you require it, issued in accordance with Polish law, by our lawyer in a bi-lingual version (from Polish, German & English)
Organise a fixed date for lawyer documentation, at a well-known and experienced lawyer. As well as the booking of an under sworn translator to the lawyer – if required getsix® can also represent the shareholder/s based on a ‚power of attorney’ (depending on getsix® office location)
Application for the registration of the company at the National Court Registration, then you will receive a National Court Registration (Krajowy Rejestr Sadowy – KRS Number)
Application for the The Statistical Identification Number, then you will receive a Statistical Identification Number (Rejestr Gospodarki Narodowej – REGON Number)
Application for Tax Identification Number, then you will receive a Tax Identification Number (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej – NIP Number)
The registration of the company as a ‘tax’ payer (VAT)
The registration at the social insurance institution (ZUS)
Check the business activities concerning the necessity of licences or any special permissions, and, if it is required, application of all necessary requirements
Co-ordination of the opening of a company bank account, according to your instructions
Co-ordination and the exchange of data with the parent company, among others the definition of the scope of business by the company
Processing and storage of necessary communication
The transfer of all orginals or copies for storage by the parent company
#FREE – Consultation with a lawyer regarding the company establishment*
#FREE – 1 hour consultation with getsix®*
#FREE – Translation*
#FREE – 2 month trial of getsix® Accounting services, if this additional service is taken (up to 50 booking vouchers)*
#FREE – 2 month trial of getsix® Reporting & BI, with access via e-Service ‘InfoView’, if additional Accounting service taken (for 1 user)*
#FREE – 2 month trial of getsix® Mobile Reporting e-Service, if additional Accounting service taken (for 1 user)*
#FREE – 2 month trial of getsix® Mobile Extranet e-Service, if additional Accounting service taken (for 1 user)*

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Last modified: November 15, 2021