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Digitalization – Invoice Scan, Data Capture

Fully compliant and secure document scanning services

getsix® turn hard-copy documents into an easily searchable electronic format

Do your employees have to regularly process and archive large volumes of paper documents – invoices, purchase orders, contracts and other documents? Document digitisation is a modern, actual solution for processing enterprise documents. The primary advantages of digitisation include the fast and simple acquisition of data contained in paper documents and its extraction for subsequent use. Electronic documents are much easier to archive securely with minimum costs, fast and simple retrieval, and sharing of documents in ‘real time’ with other users, regardless of their physical location.

Our scanning, data capture and processing solutions allows us to intelligently capture data and index images for subsequent import into our customers ‘Electronic Content’ or ‘Document Management’ systems.

getsix® uses sophisticated processes to automatically identify and categorise documents and capture data, this in turn replaces paper documents with electronic records available at the touch of a button.

Our scanning, data capture and processing solutions are strictly controlled, with getsix® achieving certification to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems).

Our Scanning & Data Capture Services

  • Small to large scanning projects with Meta data capture
  • Simple document scanning
  • Large format scanning
  • Post room scanning (digital mailroom)
  • Data collection and storage
  • Quality assurance
  • Secure destruction

getsix® would be only to pleased to help you in the following areas:

  • Analysis of your needs associated with scanning and the further processing of enterprise documents;
  • Document digitisation – the supply of scanners and scanning software, along with the subsequent implementation of the scanning solution;
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ ICR) – the extraction of both ‘structured’ and ‘non-structured’ data from your paper documents into enterprise information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) as required by your business;
  • Assurance of legislative structure of documents archiving – affixation of electronic or biometric signatures, timestamps or barcodes on digitised documents.

Document Digitisation

The digitisation of paper documents (also called ‘scanning’) enhances and significantly increases the productivity of working with them. Documents altered to an electronic form can be archived, retrieved, and shared with other users easily, safely, and at a minimal cost. Working with electronic documents takes place in the Document Management System application which permits further processing of the documents via a number of cutting-edge functions.

More Than An Accurate Image

Document scanning can be extended by electronic character recognition (OCR/ ICR), this converts scanned information into an editable text form. There are more advanced OCR / ICR technologies which enable the extraction of certain data for subsequent automatic processing, such as automatic recognition and posting of received invoices into the accounting system / ERP.

Very Efficient Data Archiving

getsix® can provide each scanned document with a qualified timestamp or electronic or biometric signature, this allows the original paper document to be shredded instantly after scanning, thus saving archive space and the cost of paper documents management.

Scanning can even be usefully extended by using a barcode that can be used for simpler separation of documents, sorted storage in the electronic archive by document category and type, allow the launch of various automated tasks, and more.

getsix® of course can tailor our systems and solutions to the client’s requirements, so that the outcome meets their utmost expectations – quicker and more simple processing of large volumes of paper documents, a reduction in manual processing, data extraction from source documents, direct data management, while linking to other enterprise systems, and more. A suitable software solution is based on the projected volume of scanned documents and on the actual requirement of the data extraction from the input documents.

Key Benefits

  • archiving and processing your paper documents will lead to cost savings;
  • reduced risks concerning possible loss of documentation or the leakage of sensitive information;
  • improved productivity of both internal and customer-oriented procedures;
  • simple and protected storage, archiving, retrieval, and sharing of documents.

Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR)

Electronic character recognition is an extremely effective method of increasing the effectiveness of scanning. The OCR/ICR technologies can be used principally for extracting information from input paper documents and for subsequent transfer of pre-defined information into electronic systems (such as automatic recognition and posting of received invoices into an accounting system/ERP). The difference between OCR and ICR are: OCR is less accurate than OMR, but more accurate than ICR. ICR will require editing to achieve high data coverage.

A Very Efficient Way to Attain True Data

The most widespread method is the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for character-by-character recognition of the complete text. OCR is used for printed text extraction, consequent text analysis, and the transfer of recognised characters to appropriate encoding. Extension by ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) delivers the further possibility of handwritten text extraction.

Text recognition through scanning, in combination with incoming document archiving, represents an ideal basis for subsequent processing, such as with an enterprise ERP system – Document Management System – sorting, approval workflow, and information management based on employee authorisations, full-text search, and archiving.

OCR/ICR is a technically challenging solution requiring superior software products. There are only a few companies and products world-wide offering the high recognition success rate necessary for effective processing of invoices or form data. getsix® cooperates with one of the world’s leading suppliers in data extraction: Kofax.

Key Benefits

  • cost and time savings over manual data re-entry from paper documents on to individual enterprise systems;
  • the reduced risk concerning document loss or leakage of sensitive information;
  • improved efficiency of both internal and customer-oriented documents;
  • fast return on investments.

Assurance of Legislative Framework of Documents Archiving

Electronic originals of documents represent comparable replacements of their paper versions. However, it is crucial to ensure their protection and credibility in line with legislation and current modern ICT trends. getsix® archive solution comprises of services from providers of qualified certificates, timestamps, and electronic signatures – and/or assurance of electronic documents’ credibility by means of biometric signature.

Compliance with both local and European legislation is additionally guaranteed by certification against all major international standards governing documents management and archiving.

getsix® archiving solution also delivers various intelligent and security functions, for example:

  • Secure transmission: HTTPS, SSL, distinctive DocID, checksums and timestamps authentication;
  • Secure access from applications: secKeys (signed URL with limited time validity);
  • Encryption: on the logical archive level, as well as on the particular document level;
  • The management of retention periods and shredding processes, audit mechanisms.

Key Benefits of ‘Invoice Scanning & Data Capture

  • The possibility of a paperless office or business with direct links between personnel, accounting and tasks;
  • Gives you full control over unstructured information within your business;
  • Documents and data become part of the business processes;
  • Risk mitigation of information loss due to centralisation;
  • For sure increased productivity and higher work efficiency;
  • Increased competitiveness and flexibility of your entire business, faster response to changes;
  • Compatibility with other technological systems and full integration into existing infrastructure
  • A rapid return on your investment, which successively turns into a profit instrument.

Last modified: November 16, 2021