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CPA Professional Services

getsix® as a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) means we have passed the necessary examinations administered by The Accountants Association in Poland. This proves we are a company that represents professional and ethical behaviours and practises.

getsix® as a professional accounting firm has an important role to play in society. Investors, creditors, employers and other business players, together with the government and the public rely on professional accountants for sound financial management and competent advice on a variety of business and taxation matters. getsix® provides such services with the correct attitude and behaviour, which we know can have an impact on the economic well-being of our community and country. The ‘Code of Ethics’ followed by us is based on the assumption that the objectives of our professional accountancy are the development and maintenance of the highest professional standards, and acting in the public interest.

What makes us different?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, your people and customers are the most important factors behind your success, or potential success. getsix® realise that while many businesses are driven by products, technology or machinery, human assets drive the success of our business. The talent and motivation of our teams, and their dedication to delivering value to our clients, sets us apart from our competition.

getsix® services and solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of many industry sectors. Whether you are making benefit plan decisions, selecting business entity structure, or even strategising long-term personal and professional financial success, getsix® have the knowledge and experience to provide a one-stop-shop of services and solutions that will meet your unique requirements.

Last modified: May 19, 2022