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“Your e-PIT” service also for entrepreneurs

“Your e-PIT” service also for entrepreneurs

Date07 Feb 2024

The “Your e-PIT” service is one of the most popular e-services in public administration. Last year, taxpayers submitted as many as 11.9 million tax declarations using this service.

As of February 15, 2024, entrepreneurs will also be able to settle their business activities through the “Your e-PIT” service. This is a novelty that will make tax settlement easier for many entrepreneurs.

From February 2 to February 14, the “Your e-PIT” service will be temporarily unavailable. During this time, the National Tax Administration will carry out an IT operation to prepare settlements with information provided by payers. The work being carried out is necessary to ensure that taxpayers can smoothly settle their taxes using the “Your e-PIT” service from February 15, 2024.

“Your e-PIT” for entrepreneurs

Taxpayers from the following groups will have the opportunity to use the service and submit annual returns for 2023:

  • Entrepreneurs conducting business activities on general terms
  • Entrepreneurs settling their taxes at a linear rate of 19%
  • Entrepreneurs settling their taxes on a lump sum on recorded revenues
  • Taxpayers operating special sectors of agricultural production.

The return will automatically include data to which the Ministry of Finance has access, including:

  • Information on income from employment contracts, pensions, allowances
  • Information ab out collected tax advances
  • Tax reliefs used in previous years (e.g., family relief)
  • Information on donating 1.5% of tax to Public Benefit Organizations (if the taxpayer declared this in the past).

Please note that the “Your e-PIT” service for entrepreneurs currently has certain limitations at this stage. Important data, such as business revenues and costs, will not be automatically completed because the tax office does not have this information. Therefore, the service will have a limited scope and will require taxpayers to continue completing the PIT form themselves.

When to settle the PIT for the year 2023?

April 30, 2024, is the deadline to file the tax return for the year 2023. This applies to both, people filing independently and those who use the “Your e-PIT” service.

It should be noted that entrepreneurs’ PIT returns will not be automatically accepted in the “Your e-PIT” system. To fulfil the obligation, it will be necessary to carefully check, complete, and accept the declaration in the “Your e-PIT” service or settle the tax in another way.

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