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Statutory minimum wage

Date26 Jan 2017

The statutory minimum wage was increased for the year 2017 from 1,850.00 PLN to 2,000.00 PLN (around 465 EUR). The minimum wage regulation applies to full-time employees. The regulation, which has been in place for many years that pay for new employees in the first working year cannot be less than 80% of the minimum wage was dropped for the first time this year. The minimum wage regulation is now also valid without restrictions for new employees.

According to statistics, around 15% of all employees on the basis of an employment contract are officially receiving the minimum wage.

The statutory minimum hourly wage for civil service employment contracts, which was introduced for the first time this year, amounts to 13.00 PLN this year.

Companies and associations are increasingly complaining that the PiS government does not adhere to its own rules. In this respect, it is important to note that in numerous public tenders for services, cleaning services or security guards, the minimum wage regulation is undermined.