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Higher social security contributions for self-employer people in Poland

Date31 Jan 2017

Self-employed and entrepreneurs must pay considerably higher social security contributions in 2017. The increase is due to the projected average earnings in the economy this year. The amount of tax on the national budget is 4,263.00 PLN. That is 208.00 PLN more than last year.

In accordance with the statutory provisions, 60% of the average income is always taken as the basis for calculating the compulsory social security contributions for self-employed people and entrepreneurs. Together with the voluntary health insurance and the contribution to the work fund, entrepreneurs pay a monthly 875.00 PLN to social insurance (ZUS). In addition, there is the compulsory contribution for health insurance, the exact amount of which should be announced at the end of January. In total, self-employed people and entrepreneurs will have to pay approximately 1,200.00 PLN (around 275 EUR) monthly social insurance contributions this year.

Source: „Wirtschafts-Markt Polen“, Ausgabe 238