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Million-Euro investment by foreign companies in the port of Szczecin

Million-Euro investment by foreign companies in the port of Szczecin

Date05 Feb 2024

The Management Board of the Maritime Ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście SA and the Spanish company Windar Renovables have signed a lease agreement for port areas in Szczecin. The agreement was signed several months after concluding the preliminary agreement in October last year. Under the lease agreement for port areas in Szczecin, Windar Renovables will build a plant producing towers and foundations for offshore wind farms.

The investment by the Spanish company is estimated at around 70 million EUR. Ultimately, the facility is expected to employ over 400 people and is scheduled to start operations in 2026.

Windar Renovables is not the only company investing in production facilities in Szczecin. In 2023, the Danish corporate group Vestas began the process of acquiring the bankrupt ST3 Offshore factory located on Ostrów Brdowski Island. Vestas won the auction in March 2023, and the transaction was finalized in September of the same year. Recently, the Danish company also confirmed plans to build another plant to be located in Skolwin. Originally, both factories were planned to produce nacelles and hubs for wind turbines. However, due to the increasing demand for blades, it was decided that the purchased factory would assemble nacelles and turbine hubs, while the new one would produce the latest generation of blades.

Vestas’ production plants are scheduled to open in 2025 and 2026, creating over a thousand new jobs in total.

Szczecin the Polish offshore capital

Investments by companies such as Vestas and Windar Renovables mark a turning point for Szczecin. The city has the potential to become a key hub for offshore production, which will translate into its economic and social development.

Szczecin has excellent conditions for this. The location near the Baltic Sea makes it an ideal place for the development of offshore wind energy. The well-developed port makes the transportation of heavy components for wind turbines possible.

Production plants not only provide new job opportunities, but also contribute to the development of new technologies and competences. The factories will need qualified professionals, including engineers, technicians, designers, and programmers. Municipal and regional authorities plan to collaborate with universities and entrepreneurs to ensure access to qualified personnel for these investments.

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