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Microsoft Business Central and the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) - E-invoices

Microsoft Business Central and the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) – E-invoices

Date22 Mar 2023

The integration of Microsoft Business Central (formerly known as Microsoft NAV) with the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is currently underway. Thanks to this solution, system users will be able to send electronic invoices that comply with the requirements of Polish law and accounting, without recourse to additional tools. The integration will also enable the import of purchase invoices from KSeF and their automatic posting in the system. This solution will increase efficiency and optimise accounting processes for Polish companies using Microsoft Business Central.

The assumptions for the implementation of the solution are:

To support communication with the National e-Invoice System in Business Central (Electronic Invoices).

  • Communication with the KSeF system will use interactive sessions.
  • Authentication in KSeF from Business Central will be carried out using an authorisation token. The token with the appropriate authorisations will be generated in the KSeF Taxpayer Application provided by the Ministry of Finance.

The process of sending sales documents to the KSeF system:

  • Sales invoices will be verified for compliance with the e-Invoice logical template in XSD format before their posting to the system.
  • The mechanism for sending documents to KSeF will be based on posted documents.
  • Only posted documents (sales, service, correction & advance payment invoices) will be sent to KSeF. Following their validation in the National e-Invoice System, the booked documents will be marked with a unique KSeF ID.
  • Sending documents to KSeF will be carried out asynchronously using the standard order queue or manually from the list of booked documents.

Import process of purchase invoices from the National e-Invoice System

As part of the solution, an import of purchase invoices from KSeF will be prepared.
The import of documents will be carried out in several steps:

  • A request will be sent for a list of invoices in a given period.
  • Based on the list obtained, the system will import individual invoices in .xml format from the KSeF system and enters them in the import register.

Benefits of implementing integration with KSeF in the Microsoft Business Central system

The implementation of integration with the National e-Invoice System in Microsoft Business Central entails many benefits for users. From 1 January 2022, the National e-Invoice System was introduced as a voluntary solution, and from 1.7.2024, it will be mandatory for all Polish entities.
Here are some of the benefits of the introduction of KSeF:

  • Speed: taxpayers who choose e-invoicing will receive their VAT refund faster – the refund deadline will be reduced by 20 days for them, from 60 to 40.
  • Security: invoices will remain in the Ministry of Finance database and will never be destroyed or lost, eliminating the need to issue duplicates.
  • Speeding up circulation: by operating through the Ministry’s database, you will be able to be sure that the invoice has reached the recipient.
  • Convenience: e-invoices will be issued according to a unified template, making them very easy to use.
  • Standardisation: cross-accounting and the posting of invoices in financial and accounting systems will become much easier, reducing the time and cost of accounting services.

The implementation of KSeF integration in Microsoft Business Central will allow companies to adapt to the requirements of Polish law and accounting and accelerate and streamline their accounting processes, which will translate into improved efficiency and savings.

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