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Coffee with Sebastian Mozejko

“Coffee with…”
– Sebastian Możejko, Head of IT Department, getsix Wrocław

Date28 May 2021

Having a cup of good coffee or tea we conduct inspiring conversations with getsix Group employees.

This time we talk to Sebastian, Head of IT. Sebastian is usually based in the getsix office in Wroclaw, but he is also responsible for the smooth operation of our other locations.

Coffee or tea? When and how?

I start my working day by having a coffee in the office cafeteria. This is a great opportunity to talk to others and to build up relationships with colleagues at getsix. Sometimes over coffee I also learn about current technical issues and I can immediately take action. You can say that I combine business with pleasure 🙂

As Head of IT Department at getsix® you have a responsible and complex role…

That’s right. I’m responsible for ensuring that all processes within the company run smoothly in technical terms. This ranges from simple hardware and software maintenance to the maintenance of complex systems that are not only required by all employees, but are also used by our customers. In addition to that I am also Data Protection Officer at getsix® and am responsible for compliance with the regulations regarding the collection, processing, security, transfer and use of personal data.

The last year has proven that modern technologies have a significant impact on conducting business. And what role do they play in accounting services?

Let’s be honest – in the era of the coronavirus pandemic modern technologies offer many convenient solutions that make it possible to run a business without leaving home. We experienced this at getsix® when we were forced to move our work to the comfort of our home. And yet all processes related to customer service and the functioning of the company ran smoothly. Thanks to the fact that we have the right procedures in place and use modern software, our internal and customer communication has worked flawlessly in this difficult time.

To answer your question – modern technologies have a huge impact on the way we do our bookkeeping. In fact, it is impossible today to provide high quality accounting services without the use of appropriate IT solutions. At getsix we use one of the most popular and modern ERP systems – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This enables us to work with data quickly and in real time in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Directive.

And what benefits do clients get from your work?

First and foremost, we support our clients by providing modern data analysis and reporting tools that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Our interactive cloud services including e-Service Extranet, e-Service Reporting Portal and other SaaS services allow our Clients to conveniently run their business without leaving home

Like my previous interviewee, Aneta, you have been working at getsix basically from the very beginning. Tell us about your impressions after almost 15 years at getsix®.

The work here is, above all, diverse, very demanding and responsible, but also very rewarding. I am proud to be part of a thriving company that operates in accordance with the standards and the Quality Management System and to play an active role in this development. The relationship with my co-workers is also very important to me. Together we form a good team in the office, but we also make friends outside of it.

Finally, my favorite question – if you could be someone else for one day, who would you want to be and why?

I think I will surprise you here – lately my passion are exotic plants. I could be a gardener-grower for a day, with my greenhouse where I would grow different banana varieties. You would be surprised how many amazing varieties of bananas and other beautiful exotic plants there are, but I guess that’s a topic for another conversation 🙂