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Grażyna celebrates 5 years at getsix®

Grażyna celebrates 5 years at getsix®

Date08 Jul 2019

We are driven by excellent people

Congratulations to Grażyna Bajerska-Tula for achieving 5 years of excellent service with getsix® Warszawa office.

Today Grażyna celebrated 5 years of service, so with pleasure the getsix® Warszawa partner Ortwin-Uwe Jentsch, presented our special getsix® basket to say a big thank you!

The staff of getsix® are not only the wealth of our business, but also make us stronger. Therefore, all the partners of getsix® thank Grażyna for her excellent performance and dedication, it is with pleasure we continue working together.

Grażyna celebrates 5 years at getsix®

Accounting, Payroll, HR and IT outsourcing services in Poland. Your trusted and reliable partner in Poland.

Grażyna celebrates 5 years at getsix®

getsix®, as an experienced and strong business partner, offers a broad range of cross-linked economic services for the local marketplace and foreign investments in Poland. The service of our client will always remain the focal point of all the actions performed by getsix®. A permanent contact person is assigned to your business. The new line service provided by getsix® gives you, the possibility to concentrate yourself entirely on your core activities and expansion, without having to worry unduly about the day to day operations.