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getsix® as a member firm of HLB International and the alliance HLB Poland celebrates 50th anniversary of HLB

Date05 Jun 2019

On Friday 7th June 2019, we celebrate #HLBCommunities Day in honour of the 50th anniversary of HLB International.

getsix® is an independent member of HLB, a global network of advisory and accounting firms. Collectively, the HLB network consists of 27,485 people working in 153 countries. #HLBCommunities is a global initiative by HLB to give back to the local communities we operate in, by volunteering and donating our time to a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects. Our global objective is to give 4,500 hours through 1,500 volunteers across 75 community projects.

Follow our progress and support our initiative online by using #HLBCommunities on social media.