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Countdown: 6 weeks to 7th Annual getsix® ‘Golf Trophy’!

Date17 May 2018

Golf Trophy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives getsix® once again, great pleasure to invite and inform you about the final arrangements for our 7th Annual getsix® Golf Trophy 2018. Again, this year it will be held at the excellent Gradi Golf & Spa Club, Brzeźno 1, 55-110 Prusice, located North/East from the city of Wroclaw (GPS co-ordinates: North 51o 21’ 41” / East 16o 52’ 7’).

Register for the event HERE »

Pałac Brzeźno

For our guests you can use the quality accommodation at the golf course which includes ‘Palac Brzezno’, ‘the Clubhouse’ and ‘House by the Pond’, as we have negotiated 20% discount for our guests for room and delicious breakfast. Please can you arrange your booking via, who will of course pre-book for you prior to arrival (subject to availability) and confirm it has been arranged. Please visit the website to become familiar with the type of accommodation on offer –

As well as this emailed communication, you will also receive via standard post the printed 7th getsix® Golf Trophy official invitation, but the simplest way to register would be using our website.

Banner invitation

The actual Golf Trophy this year will also be opened up to PZ Golf members, but you will be pleased to know ‘Gustaw’ trophy is only for our invited clients, guests and partnerships, thanking you for another successful year at getsix®. There will be a separate competition for non-guests, but still played in a great and correct atmosphere we so very much like.

PLEASE be so kind as to register or advise us of your participation prior to 15th June 2018 so that we can make the necessary arrangements in good time. We are looking forward to seeing you there for a fun and relaxing day.

Yours sincerely,
The getsix® Partners