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Forum Poznań Partner International

Date15 Mar 2016


Mr. Roy Heynlein, Partner at getsix® attended the ‘Forum Poznań Partner International’ event. This was the first event within the framework of the BUDMA fair on 3rd February, 2016. This is a series of events with the context being the working relationship between the Poznań region/Wielkopolska and the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg, while focusing on a new operational and practical basis.

Roy said “These types of events really allow me to experience first-hand the initiatives between Poland and Germany. Clearly there is a need for such events and I wanted to give my support to the partners and councils involved.”

Being the first of a series of events, the first was held at the Poznań Fair, which will provide public events, workshops and business trips between Poznań fairs, the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg, the German-Polish Business Council presented within the Poznań DWK and the Business Location Network Brandenburg BLN presented themselves as initial partners.

The ‘Forum Poznań International Partner’ series serves regional networking and a synergy between education entrepreneurs, economic developers and various regions.

Source: Biuro Polsko-Niemieckie, Angelika Menze Sp. z o.o. (February, 2016)