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Secretarial & Administrative Services

getsix® offers a secretarial and administrative office service in 4 Polish cities: Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw and Szczecin for either private or business use.

Why should you use these services?

This service enhances the reputation and credibility of your company by providing a professional office address and telephone number in Poland.

Just imagine – your own personal name or the name of your business with our address – it’s that simple.

For the business user, why not impress your clientele with your new address on your stationery, leaflets and your website etc. getsix® can even act as your company registered office, which we offer with

getsix® Domiciliation Services

For the private user, getsix® become your fixed address. Whether you are moving overseas, travelling or always on the move, you have the peace of mind that your mail is always in safe hands. Mail received can be forwarded on anywhere in the world or we can hold on to it until such time you are ready to collect.

Phone services with your own telephone and fax number

On your request we will provide for our customer a Voice-over-IP telephone and/or fax number with the relevant city code i.e. (071) for Wrocław, which is answered in your company name by our own professional secretaries.

The incoming phone calls will be answered by getsix® office management staff according to your given instructions how to handle your various types of callers. The incoming faxes will be stored in the customer extranet and/or forwarded as our customers prefer.

Your messages will be sent immediately to you by text or email, or we can transfer the caller to you to speak to. The caller will be left with the impression they have spoken to a member of your team and they wouldn’t even know we have handled the call!

getsix® dedicated secretaries handle calls for a wide range of clients ranging, from small start-up businesses who use us as a low cost alternative to employing a full-time secretary just to cover the telephones, through to larger corporate firms for appointment booking, emergency call-outs and information request lines.

getsix® prices are based on the number of calls we handle per month. We offer an attractive low cost per month ‘light user’ service for new start-ups or a business with very low monthly incoming calls. All packages can be completely tailored, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your situation and how getsix® can help.

getsix® secretarial and administrative services are comprehensive, and includes all the administrative and secretarial assistance you require.

The main advantages of getsix® secretarial and administrative services:

  • Reception and forwarding of your mail from one of our offices in Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw or Szczecin.
  • Direct contact to our office management staff via phone or email during our business hours.
  • Storing of your incoming mail in getsix® Customer Extranet, so that all incoming mail is stored chronological.
  • Your phone calls will be answered promptly and dealt with according to your wishes (forwarded to another phone number or a message taken).
  • We act as your secretary and this lends substance to and creates confidence in your company.
  • Your phone calls are answered from 8.30am until 5pm if you decide not to forward the incoming calls to another number.
  • You will be informed immediately of any new messages for your attention.
  • Receipt of your faxes 24/7 and the forwarding of your faxes to your email by scanning to PDF, and/or stored in getsix® Customer Extranet.

Mail Services

Although mail management is a lot simpler than call management it is equally important to know exactly how your mail will be handled by getsix® on your behalf. With that in mind, we have assembled a few quick questions and answers to help.

Document Management

getsix® give you complete control over your incoming mail and parcels received. Every item received at your address at getsix® is securely uploaded to your online portal, as and when it arrives, allowing you to control what you want us to forward, open, hold or shred on an item-by-item basis.

  • View your items 24/7 as a PDF, before we send them to you
  • Receive an email alert as items arrive
  • Choose the items you want forwarded and when
  • Instruct us to open an item and scan the contents to your portal
  • Choose what items can be securely shredded or recycle your unwanted or junk mail

Most of the communication between getsix® customers can be done fast and easy on the communication portal.

Online access is provided FREE of charge with every getsix® secretarial address subscription, although charges apply for mail forwarding.

mobile reporting

Please read more:

getsix® e-Service “Customer Extranet”

Charges Explained

In the spirit of total transparency, all of the time, we can assure you that when it comes to doing business with getsix® there are never any hidden charges. The following sections have been put together so that you can get a clear view of what you will pay, when you will pay it and how payment will be taken.

Last modified: May 31, 2022