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Outsourced invoice management

Why should you outsource invoice processing services?

Invoicing is of course a major part of ‘Account Payable’ (AP) through which firms keep a track of the amount they will receive for either their goods or services that are supply to others.

getsix® believe the AP function across the Finance and Accounting industry is probably the most frequently outsourced process. Organisations who optimise AP, by leveraging the advantages of outsourcing are choosing one of the most effective ways in which to improve their business performance.

Invoice processing is a costly operation and should be achieved using the utmost efficiency. In some cases, businesses provide goods or services to their clients using inappropriate and chaotic invoices leading to financial discrepancies and furthermore, it highlights poor operational efficiency. Such performance as a result can lead to harming your professional relationship with your clients and also hinder a company’s earning potential. This is where getsix® can help organisations to better manage the invoice process, more effectively and efficiently.

Below we list some of the ‘key’ benefits, that will help you understand the worth of ‘Outsourced Invoice Management’:

  • Will free up huge resources and save time
  • Allows you to concentrate on your core business activities
  • Huge savings
  • You will get access to our highly skilled and experienced staff
  • Error-free invoicing
  • It will provide accurate and accelerate your process
  • 100% secure data information (ISO27001:2013 ‘Information Security Management’ accreditation)

If you want to attain best in class invoice management for your business, without investing much, why not try getsix® to avoid higher investment in employees, infrastructure and software.

Last modified: August 20, 2021