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getsix® Services in Focus

getsix® develops the quality of our service offering: CfMD certification for HR & Payroll modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, getsix Services as an affiliate of the getsix Group proudly announces that our team has successfully completed the process and acquired the certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) for Polish HR & Payroll for Dynamics NAV 2017. These HR...
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Payroll Information | Some things you need to know about Payroll in Poland

Did you know that Poland is the largest country to enter into the European Union this century? getsix® are sure many of us have had direct experience with the Polish work ethic, either through direct contact with a Polish colleague,...
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getsix® Client Services Teams

Date06 Nov 2017
getsix® ‘Client Service Teams’ provide both a structure and a process for facilitating this alignment of interests. They focus our Group on results-oriented efforts that identify and satisfy our client needs and requirements, enhancing client service, and solidifying client relationships....
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