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Financial Accounting

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Financial Accounting

Bookkeeping services, when handled properly, isn’t simply about keeping track of day-to-day expenses. It’s also about seeing the big picture – looking for trends that can affect the overall health of your business.

At getsix®, being one of the leading accounting companies in Poland, we offer outsourced bookkeeping services as part of our accounting services portfolio for businesses in every stage of growth. So whether you’re a startup with limited funds or a well-established company in need of greater efficiency, we can help.

Doing business in Poland couldn’t be easier with the help of getsix®. We do small business accounting to the larger organisations, nothing is out of reach if you are looking to us to be your accounting outsourcing company.

Our outsourced bookkeeping services include:

  • invoicing customers
  • managing payables / receivables
  • reconciling accounts
  • handling collection efforts

Bookkeeping Services

From the first establishment of a legal entity or operating unit, we can maintain your accounting records and satisfy you’re reporting for both corporate and statutory accounting purposes, in particular:

  • preparation of the chart of accounts and supporting information schedules
  • preparation of data base in an accounting-financial system
  • recording of documents received from you and your business partners
  • reporting of financial data for management and group purposes, in accordance with your requirements
  • preparation of statutory financial statements and assistance with the preparation of management board report on the company’s activity
  • preparation of statements and reports for NBP (National Bank of Poland) and GUS (Central Statistical Office)
  • co-operation with statutory auditors
  • other services, e.g. reconstruction of accounting records, preparation of accounting records on the basis of other sources, etc.

We meet your individual needs and expectations

All services are performed after tailoring them to your individual needs and expectations. Our co-operation, acting as your business consultant, can include comprehensive general ledger accounting or only selective accounting processes, e.g. preparation of statements, maintaining of assets registers, review and preparation of specific financial management information, etc.

Combining bookkeeping services, tax accountant services, along with payroll compliance services and HR services is a very efficient and cost effective way for getsix® to assist your business accounting needs, especially if you are looking to invest in Poland, helping from inception and throughout the life of the company’s operations.

getsix® Financial Accounting includes:

Bookkeeping Services – General Ledger

Travel and Expense Accounting

EU Funds Accounting

Account Reconcilation

Cost and Performance Accounting

This page includes information about bookkeeping services related to general ledger. General ledger is the main book (collection of entries) where are stored all data about business transactions. It is summary of accounts (such as cash, sales, purchases).

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Last modified: November 23, 2016